Laptop CD/DVD Guard

Laptop CD/DVD Guard 3.3

Laptop CD/DVD Guard allows you to lock your DVD drive to avoid to break it
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CD and DVD drives of laptops are generally easily breakable, because you can open one by accident and damage it with the objects around it. Laptop CD/DVD Guard is designed to help you to prevent your CD/DVD drive from breaking, thus allowing you to avoid to pay for a new one. Besides, this way you don't need to spend time to replace it. If you have multiple drives then there is no problem, because Laptop CD/DVD Guard supports multiple drives. When the main window is closed, there is still a tray icon in the notification zone of Windows; you can configure what happens when you double-click on this icon. For example, make it open/close the selected drive. If you right-click on the tray icon, a context menu appears allowing you to lock/unlock any of the drives or simply open or close a drive. You can also click on "Help" that will open a new window with some information to help you to use the software, register, and get support.
Bottom-line: Laptop CD/DVD Guard is a great way to prevent your CD or DVD drive to break.

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  • Does its job greatly
  • Can configure what happens when you double-click on the tray icon


  • Only a few options
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